Changelog Details changelog changelog gives a comprehensive insight into all the features and improvements made to the gameplay. In the past few months, several changes have been made to Let’s learn about the most recent improvements. Changelog: Know more about the Game You Love! changelog will help you understand more about the game’s most recent updates. Nick and Justin are keen on releasing frequent updates to their brainchild – These updates will ensure that your gaming experience improves by leaps and bounds. So, are you prepared to learn more about the changelog? This post deals with all the best items from this game’s changelog. may not look like Fortnite or PUBG, but it does feel challenging and interesting. Here are the reasons why. The wiki provides players with information about many games.

Features in Changelog 0.3.4

The 0.3.4 version of Survivio was released on the 10th of April 2018. This is one of its most recent releases. The latest release features a brand new building. Yup, you read it right! You will find a new police station in the arena to explore. Also, the developers have introduced a new gaming weapon. That would be the SCAR-H assault rifle. This is a new weapon that increases your chances of combat and destroying enemies. If you are in Japan, consider yourself lucky. The latest changelog reveals that version 0.3.4 is localized to support the Japanese. Also, you will find newer emotes in the game. changelog

Features in the 0.3.3 Release

For many months, players have requested mobile compatibility. This is what release 0.3.3 supports. This release was made on the 6th of April 2018. The 0.3.3 release allows players to enjoy this browser-based game on their smartphones. In fact, the developers have engaged in server and client-side optimizations to improve your gameplay.

Features in the 0.3.2 release

The talk about changelog will be incomplete without the 0.3.2 release. This was when the seasonal obstacle egg was revealed to the world. Now, this obstacle is quite a mind-boggler. Few more emotes were included in this release. Once again, the game’s server and client-side performance were improved.

Features in Changelog 0.3.1

This was considered as the game’s biggest and most wanted release. Survivio changelog 0.3.1 came with a brand new weapon: the smoke grenade. The grenades are now bound to “4”. This means you can carry four grenades at a time. Additionally, a new weapon category was introduced. This would be the traditional pistol that can be used to develop the dual piston. If you drop the dual piston, it will split and become a single one. Few more items in release 0.3.1 would be a bank and a minimap.

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