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One of the best types of weapons in the game is DMR weapons. These weapons are generally effective as the mid-to-long range. In this type of weapon, there are bullet rifles with different mm. In the continuation of our article, you can examine the names of DMR weapons and how many bullets they take. is an amazing online game that is basically a 2D Royale battle game. game has red evil zones that must be outrun. game has multiple ammunition, guns as well as other supplies that push all players together in the red zones. DMRs Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) are the weapons in the game that is specifically used for mid-to-long range shooting. DMRs have a high range and accuracy, which is very similar to sniper rifles. DMRs are more powerful than Sniper Rifles. DMRs have a higher accuracy rate, larger magazine, and a higher rate of fire. DMRs have the least damage per shot. The velocity of the bullets of DMR is also the lowest. dmr

There are eight DMRs. The list of the 08 DMRs is given hereunder:

  1. M39 EMR: This is a semi-automatic DRMs that offers moderate damage and higher accuracy. The ammo type of this weapon is 7.62 mm.
  2. MK 12 SPR: This is a Marksman rifle that has lower damage per shot. The ammo type of this weapon is 5.56 mm.
  3. M1 Garand: This is a very powerful and supreme DMR that utilizes a lower magazine but gives higher damage. The ammo type of this weapon is 7.62 mm.
  4. VSS: This is a designated and suppressed rifle. These DMRs have a higher fire rate. The ammo type of this weapon is 9 mm.
  5. MK 20 SSR: This is a powerful, rare, and .308 subsonic DMRs.
  6. SVD – 63: This is other DMRs with a slower fire rate but a bit more damage. The ammo type of this weapon is 7.62 mm.
  7. L86A2: This is an upgraded DMR that has a larger magazine and higher DPR. The ammo type of this weapon is 5.56 mm.
  8. MK45G: This is a semi-automatic carbine that offers the greatest damage per shot. The ammo type of this weapon is .45 ACP.

How to Play the DMR?

  • Make sure to have an internet connection while playing the game.
  • First of all, you need to access the game. You can play the game online on your browser or on a mobile app.
  • You will begin playing the game without any possession. As you progress, you will loot and kill for earning possessions.
  • You should move around the game for finding the loot such as ammunition, medical items, scopes, weapons, etc.
  • You should eliminate other players and take their entire loot with you.
  • Defend yourself well otherwise rest of the players will take your loot.
  • Players cannot only damage you. There are also red zones that can hurt you greatly.
  • If you survive till the last second of the game, you will emerge as the winner.

These are some of the most excellent weapons of the game, which empower players to eliminate and loot other players efficiently.

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