What is Surviv.io Clothing?

In the game of Surviv.io Battle Royale, clothing is considered as a cosmetic element and are spread around the map. Surviv.io clothing means the same thing as surviv.io armors or skins in the game. But it is very much essential for you to note that certain clothes in the game can offer a slight smokescreen advantage. The Royal Battle of Games is the premier playing zone that guarantees to offer you thrill and promises to excite you in each different levels.

Significance Of Surviv.io Clothing

Basic Outfit is a clothing equipment which has peach-coloured body and hands. The good thing about this clothing is that it does not get dropped even when the player is killed and a player is only able to drop it if he/she thinks of switching to another client.  Woodland is another type of cosmetic clothing which gives players a body with lighter hands and it can be easily found in dark-brown backpack. It is a quite rare opportunity for the players to find this type of suit.

Forest Camo is a different type of surviv.io clothing suit which provides olive green body and hands is known as the forest camo suit. It is quite similar to the Ghillie Suit but at the lower level. It can be easily found in green backpack. With the help of these type of clothing, a person can save himself by hiding in trees.

surviv.io clothing

Target Practice is a kind of red-suit which has a slight darker tint for the hands and it comes with Red Backpack. By wearing it you may give an idea to your enemies about your position, so try to avoid wearing it. And its affect is quite minimum to perform camouflage.

Ghillie Suit is another type of suit which gives the invisible powers to the players and in short it is termed as the invisible suit. It gives players a grass-coloured body and hands and also allows one to blend within the grass. It is one of the ultra-rare clothing equipment i-os games but has very high effects which are commendable by every user. Whereas the ‘Professional’ is considered almost same as the Basic outfit, it offers brown hands which has the resemblance of leather cloves and it is quite uncommon suit which implies that not any people are able to find it.

If you are playing this game then you must have been a big fan of Avenger’s movies, guess how higher would be your expectations if we tell that surviv.io clothing also include clothing to this movie’s name. Thus, artic avenger is a very clear, white suit which makes the body of player to get slight bend within the white-floor of HYDRA bunker’s main room.

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