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If you find a pistol on the map in the game, you should definitely get your inventor. Some weapons have both rapid-fire and effective strike power. In today’s article, we will examine the details of pistols. Game is a fantastic online game that is a survival game. If you survive till the last minute of the game, you emerge as the winner of the game. This multiplayer massive online game is similar to the Player Unknown Battleground’s game. There is a long list of the weapons of the game. If you use the weapons at different levels smartly, you surely will last long in the game. Pistols

In the game, pistols are the weapons that are distinguishable due to their small size. pistols take little space between shots. Pistols are famous weapons, but they are weaker than full-sized pistols.

The greatest benefit of the pistols is that they have the dual-wield capability. If you collect dual-wield pistols, the player can easily fire with 2 pistols against the opponent. The pistols are, M9, G18C, M93R, OT-38, Deagle, Peacemaker, Flare Gun, M1911, OTs-38, M9 Cursed, Laser Gun, and Water Gun. pistols

List of the Pistols

Following the details of the pistols is given:

  1. M9: This is a semi-automatic pistol that occurs from rare crates in the game. This pistol features below-average features. This pistol ammo is 9 mm.
  2. G18C: This is a 9mm pistol that causes heavy damage to the opponent. This is a single-wielded pistol that is inferior to the MAC-10.
  3. M93R: This is another pistol that is a single-wielded weapon that has a decent range. This pistol has the second-largest magazine of all pistols. The pistol ammo is 9 mm.
  4. OT-38: This is a great-quality double-action revolver that functions as a semi-automatic weapon. When OT-38 is single-wielded, this weapon functions as the slow DMR. When it is double-welded, the weapon works as the DMR. The pistol ammo is 7.62 mm.
  5. Deagle: This is a rare and semi-auto pistol. This pistol has higher accuracy and higher damage per shot. This pistol ammo is .50 AE.
  6. Peacemaker: This is a single-action revolver that has the finest first-shot accuracy. It has high bullet damage. The pistol ammo is .45 ACP.
  7. Flare Gun: This is a special weapon that is used for summoning the AirDrop.  The ammo of this pistol is Flare.
  8. M1911: This is another semi-automatic gun that offers great accuracy along with a slower reload and reduced magazine size. The ammo of this pistol is .45 ACP.
  9. OTs-38: This weapon is the suppressed version of the OT-38. It has suppressed rounds of shots that are difficult to see and hear. The pistol ammo is 7.62 mm.
  10. M9-Cursed: This is a variant version of the M9, which has darker tracers as well as infinite ammunition. This pistol cannot be double-wielded.
  11. Laser Gun: This is a pistol that offers great damage per shot.
  12. Water Gun: This is a fully automatic water gun that has wet effects.

Bugle is also an instrument of the pistols which is capable of playing a tune as well as a quarter note. The Bar M1918 weapon is very popular primary weapon in the game.

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