Bar M1918 BAR M1918 (Browning Automatic Rifle) is a weapon of LMG class. This weapon is rarely found in the game. It usually comes out of air drop or Hatchet Crate. Hatchet Crate is located in Hydra bunker or Storm bunker locations. Since this is a LMG weapon, it gives 75% more damage to the structures. This weapons is the best weapon to survive in the game easily. BAR M1918 BAR M1918 is famous for giving extra damage to obstacles in the game. There are many obstacles in autumn and winter maps. So using a LMG weapon will help you quite a bit in overcoming these obstacles.

Players often compare BAR M1918 weapon with the Scar-H weapon. Many players have difficulty in deciding which one to use in the game because of similar performance style, same bullet type and magazine resemblance.

The Features of BAR M1918

  • The BAR’s bullet color is blue.
  • The number of bullets that the weapon can fire at one time is 20.
  • The weapon can take 80 bullets in total and contains 4 times magazine changing.
  • The weapon can fire 8.3 bullets per second.
  • The bullet delay time between two rounds is 0.12 seconds. bar m1918

  • You can fire the whole magazine in 2.4 seconds.
  • The reload time of the weapon is 2.7 seconds when the magazine is depleted.
  • The shooting style is automatic.
  • Each bullet of the BAR deals 17.75 damage to enemies.
  • DPM (damage per magazine) amount is 355.

Tactics of Survivio BAR M 1918

Despite the fact that this weapon is in the LMG weapon class, the bullet capacity of the magazine is quite low compared to other LMG weapons because the bullet capacity of the magazine is 20. The advantage of the weapon compared to other LMG weapons is faster reload time.

With this weapon, you can use the 15x scope feature and it is a great advantage to disarm the enemies remotely.
You should wait for the enemies to spend their bullets and then you need to attack them quickly because the BAR M1918 reload time is faster than other weapons.

The Bar M1918 weapon is not as effective as a Shotgun in close battles. So make sure you stay as far away from the enemies as possible when they have a Shoutgun weapon. You should try to strike enemies in the long distance, if they have a weapon that can shoot you close range.

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