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The best way to survive in is to get a shotgun weapon. The shotgun category has different types of weapons. You can have the best weapons by finding the shotguns scattered around the map. The best thing about shotgun guns is that they can fire multiple bullets in one shot. is a fascinating multiplayer online game, which offers the user to play with various modes. A player can play in the solo modes as well as team modes. Players can also customize the game using a lot of options. Users fight against each other till the end of the game. Shotgun

A shotgun is a weapon of the game that utilizes the 12 gauge. It is the most used game weapon in the game. It gives high damage in the game with great accuracy. Its greatest benefit is that you can switch the weapon greatly.

Following is a list of the shotgun:

  • MP220 Shotgun: This is an excellent-quality double-barrel shotgun. This shotgun is quite similar to the M870. This weapon is the second-highest damage weapon in the game.
  • M870 Shotgun: This is a shotgun that gives high pellet damage to the users. It is useful when the beginning of the game. shotgun

  • Saiga-12: This weapon uses buckshot. This is another top-quality shotgun that has the fastest fire rate and higher damage per shot.
  • SPAS-12: This is a high-pump shotgun that utilizes flechette ammunition. This weapon has fast projectile speed, longer range, and higher accuracy
  • USAS-12: This is a rare shotgun that is capable of shooting with fragmented rounds. This weapon is the best weapon in the game according to many players.
  • M1100: This is a great-quality shotgun that is semi-automatic. This weapon uses birdshot.
  • Super-90: This is an excellent-quality semi-automatic gun that gives quite high damage.
  • Hawk-12G: This is another shotgun that has a higher fire rate.

How to Enhance the Gameplay of the

Here is how you can start playing the game:

  1. Loot at the Amazing Places: If you are playing the game anew, you should abandon famous places such as police stations, docks, and other crowded spaces. You will be trapped in the crossfire if you have zero experience in shooting opponents.
  2. Utilizing Adrenaline: Try to utilize the adrenaline initially in the game. If you can manage to use it later in the game, use it later in the game.
  3. Never Team-Up: Try to play the game solo initially. If you play in the game, the same teammates will ruin your gameplay. Teaming damages your skills. So, it is preferable to go with the solo mode.
  4. Do Not Keep the Expectations: It is advised to you that you must not expect anything from your teammates in duos or squads. They can kill you at any moment.
  5. Looting: If you loot in squads, it is possible that you will avail nothing.
  6. Practice: Lastly, try to practice the gameplay as much as you can.

With the proper choice of weapons, players can eliminate and loot other players most effectively. In addition, Assault Rifles is one of the most preferred weapon types in the game.

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