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Assault Rifles are rifles with long-range, moderate damage, and fast fire. According to the players, the most popular of these rifles are AK-47, Groza, FAMAS, and M416. In this article, we will explain the list of Assault Rifles, the brief explanations of the weapons, and what type of bullets they use. Game is one of the best .io battleground games that offer exciting game features. There are many modes, tricks, and techniques that you can utilize to increase the quality of your gameplay. To win the game, you need to eliminate and loot as many players as you can. You should always be aggressive during the gameplay. Skill is important, but luck is also important for winning the game. Assault Rifles

Whether you get lucky or not, Assault Rifles will help you in attaining a good victory in the game. Assault Rifles are the weapons that are equipped with a higher rate of fire, average to higher DPS, moderate damage per shot, and long-range shot. In the large collection of the Assault Rifles, the top famous Assault Rifles are AK47, FAMAS, Groza, and M416.

There are also rarest Assault Rifles which include SCAR-H, which is a battle rifle. The SCAr-H rifle is similar to the Assault Rifle. assault rifles

The details of the Assault Rifles are given below:

  • AK47: This is a fully loaded semi-automatic uncommon assault rifle. It is equipped with fair damage and good accuracy along with a relatively slow fire rate. It features moderate performance. This weapon’s ammo is 7.62 mm.
  • Scar-H: This is a brilliant assault rifle that is fully automatic. This is an uncommon weapon that offers raw damage for enhanced DPS and first-rate. The Scar-H weapon’s ammo is 7.62 mm.
  • FAMAS: This is a French burst-fire Assault Rifle that gives more damage to the opponent in 3-round of burst deals. This assault rifle has a lower magazine capacity that utilizes the least common ammunition. The Famas ammo is 5.56 mm.
  • AN-94: This is a rare and amazing Assault Rifle. This is one of the best assault rifles that offer higher accuracy, higher damage as well as the higher capacity of the magazine. This weapon’s ammo is 7.62 mm.
  • M4A1 – S: This is a rare weapon that has a suppressed assault carbine chamber. This rifle has a high rarity and slow reloads time. This weapon’s ammo is 5.56 mm.
  • Groza: This is a hybrid weapon of the AK47 and M416. This weapon has a fair quality first-rate fire and higher accuracy as well as high damage. The Groza ammo is 7.62 mm.
  • Groza-S: This is a variant of the Groza weapon. Similar to M4A1, the bullets of the rifle gun fades with the passage of time. This weapon has higher accuracy and damage per shot than the Groza weapon. The Groza-S ammo is 7.62 mm.

The best alternatives to Assault Rifles weapons are SMG weapons. To use luck, you should also have skills. So, when you get lucky in the game, try to use the skills and emerge as the winner. If you find Assault Rifle weapons on the game map, you are really lucky. Very effective and powerful rifle types are in the Assault Rifle category. In addition, Shotgun is one of the most preferred weapon types in the game.

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