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For some of us, you will agree with me that we may just here people talk of skins and what it gives. Now, in this article, you will get to understand more about Survivio skins and the various elements in the list of skins elements. First of all, did you know that skins are basically a cosmetic element? Don’t worry about it if you are not aware of what am talking about because I will explain it right here. Now, in the games, there are maps, and this is where you click a game so that you can choose the right cosmetic elements. There are some of the elements that we will have a look at.

Basic Survivio Skins Advantages

The first skins element is the basic outfit. The basic outfit is the peach-colored body and in the hands as well. The backpack is black. The good thing about this skin is that it is a default one and that means two things. One is that it can never be dropped when a player dies. Secondly, it can only be dropped when you only want to switch to another skin of your choice. That is an advantage but you need to be aware of the fact that a basic outfit is a default skin and you need to take advantage of it during gaming. You can send messages to other players in the game with emotes.

The second one that you need to be aware of is the woodcutter’s wrap. Just as the name suggests, there is something related to the woods. If you have been wondering about how it appears at the skins game, then it basically contains suits that contain a gradient. The initial suit contains a pattern that is made of dark red, black crisscross pattern and the pattern cuts across the suit. The good thing is that it is found on the floor. skins skins are one of the best when they come to gaming because as much as you need to be camouflaged on different maps, you will get to enjoy gaming that takes into consideration the best-customized background. It is very crucial to make sure that you choose the right skins and then get to be camouflaged. It is also crucial when it comes to enjoying different gaming backgrounds when playing as a team. Skins List

Basic Outfit: Peach-colored body and hands. Brown Backpack.

Woodcutter’s Wrap: Red checkered body. Red Backpack and hands.

Poncho Verde: Green body and gray hands. Brown Backpack.

Water Elemental: Light blue body and red hands. Darkblue Backpack.

Celestial Garb: Cyan-violet body and red hands. Darkblue Backpack.

Falling Star: Red body and orange hands. Brown Backpack.

Island Time: Yellow body and dark green hands. Light green Backpack.

Aquatic Avenger: Light blue body and cyan hands. Dark cyan Backpack.

Coral Guise: Pink body and hands. Light salmon Backpack.

The New Black: Orange body and hands. Yellow Backpack.

Jester’s Folly: Purple body and hands. Dark green Backpack.

Woodland Combat: Gray body and hands. Brown Backpack.

Carbon Fiber: Black body and hands. Dark gray Backpack.

Ghillie Suit: Green body and hands. There is no Backpack view.

Target Practice: Red body, hands and Backpack.

Arctic Avenger: White body, hands and Backpack.

Tallow’s Little Helper: Green hands and Backpack. Red body.

Siberian Assault: White skin with blue camouflage view.

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