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Do you want to know how to open the Eye Bunker, how to have a stone hammer, and how to open eye boxes and have good loots? You’re in the right place. You have to be 2 people to open the first door. Your friend has to enter the sun, moon, and lightning codes into the door in the fastest way. After entering the first door code, you will need to open the second door with Eye Bunker second code. After opening the second door you can reach the stone hammer. When you have a stone hammer, you can have a ganim by breaking the eye boxes scattered around the map. These spoils are a firecracker, a gold aircraft booty, or a m9 weapon.

Discover Eye Bunker

Most of the recent versions of games have been added a special feature “The Eye Bunker” and this has translated to Eye Bunker. The eye bunker brings about the underground hideouts that are found across the map. In other words, it is your task to take into consideration the need to find a bunker where you can hide from the enemies when the need arises. There are various types of bunker that can be utilized during gaming and some of them include; Crossing Bunker, Hatchet Bunker, Eye Bunker, and Egg Bunker among many others. codes can be used for all bunkers. eye bunker Eye Bunker Codes

During Halloween Event code order is: Egg- Hydra – Storm – Conch – Crossing – Hatchet

During Woods Event code order is: Swine – Hydra – Crossing – Hatchet – Harpsichord – Caduceus – Egg – Cloud – Storm – Conch

Why is Survivio Eye Bunkers Important? Eye Bunker gives you an opportunity to discover how to open an eye bunker during your kill mission. As soon as you open the eye bunker, you will realize that the game grants you more opportunities to find other bunkers where you can break in and hide from the attacks. The sweetness of the game here is finding the bunker and then utilizing it to your own advantage. The process of locating a bunker is also a tricky one and when you are able to locate it, then you can eventually conclude that games are the best.

Secondly, Eye Bunker is very important as it is the basis of accruing points that would take you to the next level. games are all about unmasking all the hidden treasure in one particular step so that you can be granted access to the next step. As soon as you discover the eye bunkers, you will then be assured of advancing to the next stage of the game. Such a step will be the beginning of a new challenge and challenges are part of the Eye Bunker game.

Thirdly, Eyes Bunker provides underground hideouts where you can hide during gaming. Such a bunker will protect you while you are trying to strategize for the best way to get out of the danger zones occupied by opponents. The eye bunkers in also helps you to accrue more power. This is because you will have found a place where you can seek refuge and your opponents may not locate you easily. It is a place where you can hide, view an opponent’s activities, and even launch an attack at the right moment.

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