What Are Surviv.io Bunkers?

surviv.io bunkers

Shelters or bunkers under the ground in Surviv.io are called Surviv.io bunkers. There are seven kinds of bunkers in the game which are Hydra Bunker, Storm Bunker, Eye Bunker, Crossing Bunker, Conch Bunker, Hatchet Bunker, Chrysanthemum Bunker, and Egg Bunker. The walls and doors of the bunkers are made of iron. Therefore, if you shoot at the walls of Surviv.io bunkers, the bullets may bounce towards you. Each bunker has its own entrance with a special logo, so you can understand the type of bunker you enter. You can get very good weapons with Surviv.io greenhouse.

Surviv.io Bunkers

Surviv.io Hydra Bunker

The largest bunker in the game is the Surviv.io Hydra Bunker. Hydra Bunker has multiple entry gates and the interior is very large compared to other Surviv.io bunkers. There are 7 automatic steel doors inside the bunker. You can usually find the Vector or SMG weapon in this bunker. Two of the automatic doors are one-way, so you can only going in or going out. If you try to open the door in the wrong direction, it will sound like an error. In addition, there are too many explosives in this bunker, so players should be careful.

Surviv.io Storm Bunker

Finding this bunker is all about your luck because Surviv.io Storm Bunker is a bunker with access from one of the wooden huts. If you find this bunker in the game, you can hide in it to win the game. This bunker usually has a 10% chance for a hatchet case and a 90% chance for a chest. There are 2 large ammunition chests in this bunker.

surviv.io bunkers

Surviv.io Eye Bunker

Surviv.io Eye Bunker is a small-scale bunker in the game. It has only one entrance door. This is shown on the map with a bright rectangle. There are 2 rooms in this bunker. In order to move from the first room to the second room, you must open the door by activating 10 symbols in a certain order. The second room door is locked because there are usually M9 or M249 weapons inside.

Surviv.io Crossing Bunker

The second largest bunker in the game is Surviv.io Crossing Bunker. It is not a type of bunker that can be found very easily. It can usually be found by searching for a gray square in the middle of the rivers. This gray square is the bunker’s ventilation. There are four regular entrances of Crossing Bunker. This bunker may contain 1 AK-47 with some 7.62mm ammo, the Initiative skin, and a regular pack.

Surviv.io Conch Bunker

Finding Surviv.io Conch Bunker is more difficult than other bunkers because this bunker is very rare. It’s a bunker hidden underground in the sea. This shelter has 2 entrance doors. Generally, these doors are hidden inside the shipping containers. One of these containers is in the grass and the other is in the sand. The main room also has barrels and a computer unit. In addition, when the players enter the main room, they sink into the water and their movement speed decreases.

surviv.io bunkers

Surviv.io Hatchet Bunker

The entrance to the Surviv.io Hatchet Bunker is usually next to the Blue Warehouse. This bunker has Hatchet Crate in the bunker’s room. This crate may contain USAS-12, M249 or a BAR.

Surviv.io Chrysanthemum Bunker

The Chrysanthemum Bunker is a medium-sized bunker in the game.

Surviv.io Crysanthemum Bunker code for room one: You should enter the buttons in this order of Chinese or Japanese numbers: 一,二,三, 四 (1,2,3,4).

Surviv.io Crysanthemum Bunker code for room two: Yin Yang, clothes, growing plant, flower, rice ball, water, book, leaves, moon, tori, frost, running.

There will be a katana and Imperial Seal in the second room.

Surviv.io Egg Bunker

Surviv.io Egg Bunker is usually located in the middle of the triangle which is formed by 3 trees. To see the entrance, you should look carefully at the ground beneath the leaves of the trees. Sometimes you can see the entrance of this bunker without 3 tree structures. This bunker is one-roomed and has a small structure. Usually, this bunker includes 4 The Initiative skins, 4 AK-47s, and 90 7.62mm ammo each.

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