Greenhouse Codes greenhouse greenhouse and bunker update have been recently added to the game. Several buildings are reworked and multiple have been added. The best part of the update is the new glass building with a bunker. Game is a new generation battle royale io game. This game is very similar to the PUBG game in general. The ability to play the game without making any downloads to your computer is a great advantage for this game.
The game is constantly coming up with new updates and the game’s structure is improving day by day. bunkers are one of the most important parts of the game. Many players are getting very good weapons from these bunkers. Greenhouse

Firstly, you must find weapons and equipment that will help you protect yourself when you start the game. Then you can start looking for greenhouse. On the map, the greenhouse is shown in blue.  This can be found at a random location on the map, so your search may take longer. greenhouse

Once you have found greenhouse, enter inside, and then you will see that there are many flowers around. When you break the flower boxes in the greenhouse, you can get powerful weapons from these boxes. In addition to this, you will see the bunker entrance. You should go to the bunker entrance and go inside. When you get inside, you’re going down into a room on the ground. Greenhouse Codes

When you enter the bunker in Greenhouse, you will see a steel closed door and four-door opening buttons in the first section. By pressing these door buttons respectively, you must decrypt the door. After the door is opened, you can move to the second section of the bunker where you will find an encrypted door with flowers.

When you enter through the door, you must click on the password switches on the left side so that the password system will be activated. switch code: You should enter the buttons in this order of Chinese or Japanese numbers: 一,二,三, 四 (1,2,3,4). greenhouse code: Yin Yang, clothes, growing plant, flower, rice ball, water, book, leaves, moon, tori, frost, running.

When you enter the above password respectively, it will open at the steel door in section 2. There is always a katana in this bunker. After you get your katana to your inventory, you will have to break the glass door inside with katana.

After the glass door is broken, there is a new door but no player can open this door yet. So it is thought that this door will be activated by future updates.

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