What Are The Features Of Surviv.io Android?

surviv.io android

Surviv.io Android is a new Battle Royale game developed by Nick and Justin. The game design began in June 2017 and was released in October 2017. The most recent version of Surviv.io is 0.3.4.

Surviv.io Android: Installing The Game On Your Android Device!

Surviv.io Android has become exceptionally famous in the past few months. This is a two dimensional Battle Royale gameplay that features players who are spawn on an island. The island is filled with opponents who wouldn’t think twice to bring you down. The first version of this battle royale game was initiated in June 2017. This was when development began. By the mid of October 2017, Surviv.io Android was released for everyone. Since its release, Surviv.io has lived up to expectations and is one of the finest Battle Royale games in 2D version. The most recent release was made on the 10th of April 2018. And, the latest version of Surviv.io is 0.3.4.

surviv.io android

The Most Recent Release for Surviv.io Android

CSI Ranchito is a new patch for Survivio Android. This is a criminal justice scene in the game. In this gameplay, you are allowed to play violent. You don’t need to think twice to shoot another player. Also, you will see the game’s first police station. Now, these are elements that make the game extremely challenging and wild. In fact, you will not come across the local enforcement guys anymore. That is because the local law enforcement guys have left the entire scene. These guys have left behind plenty of jail cells and weapon lockers with contraband. Now, to become a survivor, these contrabands may help you. To know more about how interesting the Surviv.io crime scene can get, you must play it.

In the latest Surviv.io Android release, you must be able to choose the best weapon. And, you will have the chance to use the game’s newest weapon collection. This collection features the “SCAR-H”. The SHAR-H is programmed to carry 20 rounds for every magazine. The SCAR-H is capable of firing harder and faster. Above all, it is several times more accurate than the traditional Surviv.io AK-47. As you maintain your firing discipline in the game, the gun will keep pushing you forward.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Surviv.io Android is growing at a rapid pace. This game is here to stay for a long time. Undeniably, the game can keep you engaged and occupied for hours. If you are not prepared to play Fortnite and PUBG due to its resource constraints, Surviv.io Android is what you need. This game is small, challenging, and rich in features. You can never say no to this lightweight Battle Royale game. With Surviv.io apk, Android users can play this game fluently.

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