Codes for Bunkers codes codes are like the keys to the safe heaven. Talking about heaven, you will agree with me that it is one of the places where you can seek refuge but such a refuge expects you to give something in return. With games involving codes, you need to provide codes so that you can be allowed access to a bunker, to a weapon placed in a bunker or to gain access to another location crucial for your safety. In order to enjoy gaming more, you need to know how to utilize the codes.

How Survivio Codes Works and How to Use Them

Let’s take an example of the greenhouse codes. These are types of codes that players are allowed to utilize when playing greenhouse games. In this game, the player can access the bunker and that is not the end of the challenge. Within the bunker is a steel door that has four opening buttons. The challenge here is that you need to use the codes to decrypt the door so that you can gain access. In this case, the codes are used to decrypt the door and get access to the next door. Eye Bunker is a bunker type that many players have just learned.

Secondly, codes are operated by password switches. The switches expect you to input passwords given to you so that the code system can be activated. There are multiple doors within the bunker that requires codes and that calls for you to enter codes each and every time you. You, therefore, need to utilize the codes each and every time as far as coded games are concerned. You do not have to be an expert so that you can be able to use these codes. Once you subscribe to a game involving the use of codes, you will have an opportunity to consult the help tab. codes

Thirdly, codes are not meant to bar you from accessing the weapons in the bunker but it is basically a challenge. You need to master how to use the codes so that you can enjoy the game more. Codes are basically additional challenges that tend to harden you in a certain game. If you have been viewing these codes as irrelevant that all you need to know is that they are useful and you need to master how they can be used to your advantage. Codes List for Some Bunkers Crysanthemum Bunker code for room one: You should enter the buttons in this order of Chinese or Japanese numbers: 一,二,三, 四 (1,2,3,4).

Surviv io Crysanthemum Bunker code for room two: Yin Yang, clothes, growing plant, flower, rice ball, water, book, leaves, moon, tori, frost, running. Eye Bunker during Halloween Event code order is: Egg- Hydra – Storm – Conch – Crossing – Hatchet

Surviv io Eye Bunker during Woods Event code order is: Swine – Hydra – Crossing – Hatchet – Harpsichord – Caduceus – Egg – Cloud – Storm – Conch

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