What Are Surviv.io Controls?

surviv.io controls

Surviv.io controls are important for winning this gameplay. The controls can be used to grab weapons, combat, and gain access to medical supplies. Important Surviv.io controls would be your number keys, arrow keys, and letter keys.

Surviv.io Controls: Your Way Into The Game!

Every game comes with controls that can help you move forward. With the right controls, playing and winning will become difficult. To become a master of the game, you must understand the game’s crucial controls. Surviv.io controls are not an exception. You must be aware of Survivio controls to become a survivor and the last one alive. Controls are required to move, loot, aim and shoot. In simple terms, Surviv.io is a crucial and important feature in this gameplay.

With this being said, are you prepared to learn more about the controls in Surviv.io? If yes, keep reading!

Important Surviv.io Controls For Movement

To move around Surviv.io, you must make use of the arrow keys or four alphabetic letters. To move up, you can use the letter “W” or the “UP arrow key”. In addition, to move to your left, you can use the letter “A” or the “LEFT arrow key”. To move down, you can use the letter “S” or the “DOWN arrow key”. Finally, the move to the right, you can use the letter “D” or the “RIGHT” arrow key. Left mouse click corresponds to using your weapons. And, remember to aim with your mouse before performing the left click. And, if you wish to interact, you must use the letter “F”.

surviv.io controls

Surviv.io Controls For Combat

Combat in Surviv.io is extremely interesting. As you become a master of Surviv.io controls, you will be able to combat in style. The number key “1” is used on ranged weapon 1. And, the number key “2” is for ranged weapon 2. If you wish to game with melee weapons, you must use the letter key “E” or the number key “3”. To make use of throwable weapons, you should use the number key “4”. Advanced players tend to shift between multiple throwable weapons. And, if you are planning to fight with your fist, press the letter key “E”.

Survivio Controls For Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are crucial to any survivor game. There are four major types of medical supplies in this gameplay. You have bandages, pills, medkits, and soda. To enable these medical supplies you must use the number keys 7, 0, 8, and 9 respectively.

Finally, you can use the letter key “M” to open/close the field map and the letter map “G” to open/close the map. This brings to an end our list of Surviv.io controls for you. Surviv.io tips give players information about how to act in the game.

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