SMG Weapons smg weapons SMG weapons are pistol-caliber automatic guns with a high rate of fire. These weapons, which are preferred by many players, have very good accuracy rates. On the other hand, weapons with better accuracy than this weapon are also available in the game. is a multiplayer online game that is a 2D royal battleground game. The player can play the game in multiple modes. You can team up with other members as well as play solo. The gameplay of is simple; loot and eliminate other players as much as you can. If you survive till the last level of the game, you will emerge as the winner. SMG Weapons Submachine Guns are pistol-caliber weapons that have a higher rate of fire. This weapon is equipped with a lower accuracy rate and features lower damage per bullet. So, this is a less powerful weapon when compared to Assault Rifles. There are 8 SMGs in total in the game.

The details of the SMG weapons are given hereunder:

  • MP5: This is a fully automatic submachine gun that proves to be handy and effective in the mid-game. This weapon has 9mm ammo.
  • UMP9: This is a burst-fire submachine gun. It causes less damage to utilizing common ammunition. This weapon has 9mm ammo. smg weapons

  • MAC10: This is a common machine gun that is powerful in close range. This submachine gun has a fast fire rate. This weapon has 9mm ammo.
  • Vector: This is a great-quality submachine gun that has higher accuracy and a higher first fire rate. This weapon has 9mm and .45 ACP ammo.
  • M1A1: This submachine gun has poorer accuracy and good reload speed. This weapon has 45 ACP ammo.
  • CZ-3A1: This is a rare submachine gun that is a suppressed SMG. This weapon has 9mm ammo.
  • Spud Gun: This is a rare SMG that only occurs in the Potato Mode. This weapon has potato ammo.

The best strategy to use the gun is to conserve the shots for use in later stages of the game. You should definitely try SMG weapons to find the best weapon in These guns are preferred by many players because of their very fast firing feature. The most important rival of these SMG weapons is the Assault Rifles category.

What Are the Controls of the Game?

Following are the top controls of the game:

  • For aiming in the game, you need to utilize the “Mouse Buttons”.
  • For moving up in the game, press the “W” button.
  • To move left in-game, press the “A” letter in the game.
  • For moving down in the map, press the “S”.
  • For moving in the right direction, press the “D” letter.

For Combating in the game, use the following buttons:

  • Click the left button of the mouse for firing any item.
  • To interact in the game, use the “F” word.
  • For reloading, use the “R” alphabet.
  • In order to cancel an action, use the “X” word.
  • For using the primary weapon, use the “1” letter.
  • For using a secondary weapon, use the “2” letter.
  • For using melees or fists, utilize the “3, E”.
  • For utilizing the throw-able in the game, use the “4”.

You can make the best defense against SMG weapons with Sniper Rifles.

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