Survivio 2019 Tips and Tricks

Whether a novice or a veteran player, we bet these tips and tricks for Survivio 2019 will make your day.  Ace these Survivio hacks and you will ace the game every time.

Best Tips and Tricks for Survivio 2019

A 2d battle royale game that is quite similar to PUBG, Fortnite and may be simpler in terms of graphics in comparison to it 3D counterpart, but other than that it is at par with them.

Players are thrown on an island, were they have to collect weapon and ammo in order to beat all of their opponents. The last player alive wins the game and the chicken dinner. A Survivio player needs to have thorough knowledge of the weapons, armors and utility items before they have a shot at winning.

In addition, the strategical play of when, where and how to use a weapon is what sets you apart from the crowd. We intend to assist in performing your best, so here are some of the best tips and tricks for Survivio 2019:

Adrenaline Pumping

In Survivio 2019, the Adrenaline is attained from sodas and pills. Amongst the many benefits of keeping your adrenaline high is that your speed  increases by more than 50% and your health recovery per second is also better.

Having a high adrenaline enables you run through the red zone and recover precious loot without much harm as  adrenaline slows the red zone’s passive damage as well. Our tip to all the Survivio lovers is to always keep your adrenaline stocked up.


Aim Incorrectly – Correct Shots

Though Bullets are quite fast, you need to consider their travel time before firing the shot. The trick is not to fire at your enemy, where they stand now, fire where you assert that they will moving when you’ll fire the shot. Between your accurate guess, the weapon’s accuracy and the bullet’s velocity, you will directly hit bulls eye.

Behind A Crate

A Survivio trick that might sound silly, but its has its merits. When combating with the enemy and getting low on supplies, hide behind a crate. The enemy will shoot at the crate in an attempt to get to you, and Voila! You get an exclusive loot right in front of you.

Though if planning to adopt this technique, do make sure you don’t get distracted by the loot and speedily recover what you want, amp up your supplies and kill the enemy before he has a chance.

Shoot, Switch and Repeat

Guns tends to slow down after firing, some even have a lag before you fire again. When facing a combat situation in Survivio 2019,  adopt a technique of firing a shot and switching your gun. Fire another round of shot from the second gun and switch back.

This trick especially works with the snipers and guns like SPAS-12. To deploy this strategy ensure you have two loaded guns in your inventory at all times. Use “Q” key to switch back to your last weapon automatically.

Baiting (Survivio 2019)

A quite sneaky trick for Survivio, set a trap for your opponent by intentionally dropping some loot near some damaged explosive. Hide nearby, as the opponent gets hooked on the bait and comes to retrieve the loot, shoot at the explosive and kill them.

This trick best works for snipers, though depending upon your skills take on a gun of your choice.

Hope you find these tips and tricks for Survivio 2019 helpful. If you have some tricks of your own do let us know in the comment section below.

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