Consumables List consumables consumables items are loot items that you can find on the map. With these items, you can increase your chances of survival in the game and win the game. Before using Consumables, you should learn their names and functions. Consumables for Increasing Playing Skills

The game caters to the requirements of players who love to play video games. It involves different levels and a player should under them in detail. Since the game has various challenges, a player should know how to manage them significantly. consumables are looting items available for players that will help them gain more advantages. They are ideal for focusing more on the strategies in a game that give ways to ensure protection from enemies to achieve better results. Another thing is that they make feasible methods to enhance the playing abilities of players to a large extent. Consumables List

Consumables in the Survivio game are loot items and players should buy them for improving their skills. They are suitable for increasing the health and adrenaline conditions of players while playing the game. This is because players are not able to respawn in the game when they die once. Not only that, they may face attacks from enemies which will affect their gameplay. Therefore, a player should consider preventing threats from opponents with the right tactics. This will help a lot to increase the winning chances with high success rates.

  • Bandage: Increases your current character health by 15%.
  • Med Kit: Increases your current character health by 100%.
  • Chocolate Box: Recharges the player’s adrenaline by 25% in the Valentines Map. You gain strength against Frenemies for 20 seconds.
  • Popsicle: Increases your character’s speed by 10% for 10 seconds in the Beach Map.
  • Nitro Lace: Gives your weapons a burning effect for 10 seconds. Only available on the Inferno Map.
  • Growler: The character gains damage protection for a short time while your health is low. Only available on the St. Patrick Map. consumables
  • Gunchilada: You can shoot without reloading for 2.5 seconds until you run out of ammo. Only available on the Cinco de Mayo Map.
  • Pulse Box: It is an area of ​​effect consumable that knocks back items. Only available on the May 4 Map.
  • Soda: Increases your current character adrenaline by 25%.
  • Pills: Increases your current character adrenaline by 50%.
  • Flask: Protects you from the cold for 20 seconds. Only available on the Snow Map.

How To Play Game with Consumables?

A player should know how to play a game with consumables and other things from different sources. They should get more information about consumables while playing a game. Players must keep their adrenaline bar below 50% that will help them escape from enemies and they can even run away if injured. It will certainly increase their speed that gives ways to experience the desired outcomes. Furthermore, a player can use a med kit when it comes to the final stage of the red zone in the game.

What Are The Names Of Consumables

It is wise for the players to know more about consumables and their functions properly. For example, bondage and med kit come under health categories that will help heal 15% and 100 % health of players. Soda and pills are the terms used in the adrenaline category which aim at improving the fitness levels of players from 25 % to 50%.

Some other items used in the same category include flask and chocolate box. Apart from that, players can also use some items for getting the desired effects. Some of them include Growler, pulse box, Nitro lace, popsicle, Gunchilada, and so on. We recommend you to take a look at obtacles to develop a better strategy in the game.

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