Browsing Tag Desert Map Desert Map is a special map that could be used in the desert rain events present in the game. If you want to find a tan ground despite the usual ones, this is going to be the best variant used by the players. This game can provide… Woods Map

In a special event, you are going to access the Woods Map. If you want to feature some special wood events with no time, you will have to use this woods map. Overall, this wood map can show some great and different things to the… Snow Map Snow Map which is added to the game in winter to all players has a winter theme. Usually the map is covered with snow and you can attack enemies with snowballs. This map is automatically removed from the game when the weather gets… Potato Map

After the introduction of Rotato Potato upgrade, Potato Map has been added in the game and the game lovers are using it exceptionally well. If you have already used the Main Spring Map, then you would not face any serious concerns… Proxy Game

Do you want to know about proxy right now? If a reply comes yes from your side, you need to know that is a special multiplayer online game which can provide lots of fun and entertainment to the players. The gameplay of… Loot Tiers

You will agree with me that we may not be in a good position to tell some of the basic things crucial as far as is concerned. With that, here comes the loot tier. Do you have any idea about what it is and how is it important in… Crates List

It is true that crates are essential features of the crates are important as far as gaming is concerned in the sense that they enable you to get the necessary loot. I believe that everyone wants to enjoy a game in one way or…